State of the art technology for the treatment of
Migraine Headaches

Have you or someone you know learned to just "live with it" and take headaches as part of your "normal" life? If so, you are not alone. More than 15 million Americans suffer from persistent recurring headaches with no obvious cause. Wouldn't it be great if there were a highly researched, scientific and anatomical explanation that would shed new light on the cause of a multitude of headaches? Could the pain in your head actually be coming from your neck? Literally, "a pain in the neck". The answer is definitely YES!

Astonishing new evidence from scientists at the University of Maryland has found "a physical connection between the top bone in the neck (the atlas vertebrae), the muscular system and the central nervous system." This new anatomical discovery revealed a connective tissue bridge that attaches muscles located at the base of the skull to the pain sensitive covering surrounding a portion of the spinal cord called the "brain stem." After 500 years, this recent detection was the first of its kind linking tension and migraine headaches to spinal imbalances in the head and neck.

First Choice Chiropractic & Wellness Center introduces a gentle, safe and effective technique to eliminate chronic migraine headaches and neck pain called Atlas Orthogonal. Using precision aligned X-rays and adjusting instruments, our office can detect and correct the cause of many headaches, dizziness and neck pain. This technique uses gentle and effective equipment to move your misaligned top bone (the atlas) back into place and therefore free up the pressure that is causing the symptoms associated with headaches and neck pain.

Why not put away the drugs and pain pills and allow Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care to remove the cause of your Headaches and Neck pain. Do not miss this opportunity to change your life. You are worth it.

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